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MIT -chennai
Rating 4.1 out of 6 stars
No.of.votes - 25

MIT -chennai Reviews
vino_mit :
Fabulous place to ignite your minds) But MIT teaching standard is deteriorating
tam.iniyan :
Great place to study
gddinesh007 :
The best college and senior junior interaction s amazing
sivaraj_mit :
Lot of facilities - Utilize properly
arun.theprofessional :
Awesome place to learn engineering skills than life skills
kijsa :
nice college with nice environment to study
rameshau33 :
Everything is good...
abisheikgan5 :
Good teaching and freedom for knowledge. Less mugging up.
raja.thiagu :
swagathkrishna01 :
Very good college in terms of seniors help....
swagath1308 :
Its a very good college.... An institution that makes people passionate.....
chenbaga :
samraj.mit55 :
Placement and interaction between juniors and seniors are nice
nandha100kishore :
anaon :
placement opportunities are good. Library facilities are good
balarahonam :
The student community here is so independent you can learn and experiment on anything if you have the drive.Although the teaching sucks due to wannabe professors the student community there is morethan enough to teach and learn.
nirmal3529 :
podalaaa :
very good
balajiramks34 :
staff have good knowledge abt the sub...
podalanga :
Everything is good
ashokp_2k4 :
I got gold medal from here.Ever memorable MIT )
aravind.arivoli :
Nice place to study )
praveenmanoharan1994 :
A very good college to study.
isakkiraja95 :
Our staffs are friends to us

By Pradeesh on july 20, 2014 - Commnets