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RMK Engineering College
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RMK Engineering College Reviews
xxxin_xxxx :
Super college , student studying there are well respected and able to produce good mark
Placement :
xxxlurimanavi :
sanda po po po... st.xaviers catholic college of engineering, CHUNKANKADAI. name kaanavae ila.. toooooooooo bad... neega enga clg name review la podunga.. apo dhan pesuvom... sanda sanda...... ilana neega olinchu poveenga
Placement :
nave14218.me :
the worst place u will feel ever not only to study but also to live..just invest lakhs of money just to spend 4yrs vague..
Placement :
nike14219.me :
this is not even equal to the standards of the school
Placement :
mohanrajv30121996 :
This is not a college just a place where even people with knowledge are made roam without common sense. if have the thirst to achieve never think of rmk
Placement :
xxxhwaryaxxxx :
mokka college, not even a sport or symposium is organised. just a place where building is available to tame students for marks
Placement :
moha14215.me :
There is no extra and co curricular and skill development. one of the worst colleges in chennai
Placement :
innovrajv :
the college is never worth for students' loads of money and co curriculum is totally prohibited.dont waste time and money
Placement :
xxxanajayabalanxx :
Rmk engg clg is the best clg i hav ever known...i am the present 2rd yr student of this college..IV,Orientation programs ,motivational seminars,and the update about the recent technologies are being given to the students every now and then..i have received a lot of professional knowledge being a 3rd semester startup...the placement is gud here and manuly of the companies like amazon,zoho,e-con,cts etc..visit here... online courses ,and other english development programs are being encouraged...
Placement :70-90%
xxxathrixxxxxxxx :
good campus......can improve level of coaching ...and treat like a college student not like a kid
Placement :50-70%
praveenkumarp06 :
Very nice good college good placement good
Placement :70-90%
Strict ! Over rules..! Used to treat as skool students... Summave phone panni uyire vanguvange... Leev potta phone, mark low aachu na phone, mark sheet vera postal le anupuvange....
Placement :30-50%
error.valaiya :
Rmk is not college level.They are treating like play school.Waste of time to study in this college.I ensure that i am nothing to learn after joined in rmk.My advise u to think before join rmk
xxxeshxxx :
placements r pretty good have to be improved by arranging campus for average student
balaji34 :
i hate the stupid rules

By Pradeesh on july 20, 2014 - Commnets